wt360 Consumer Solutions


Have you ever wished you knew what the weather would be like BEFORE you book your summer vacation, caribbean cruise, outdoor graduation party, wedding or the barbecue three weeks away?  With weathertrends360 you can do all that and more.  At WTI we believe that year-ahead weather shouldn’t be for only for big business.  That’s why we created weathertrends360, a free consumer brand that makes year-ahead global weather available to anyone, everywhere.  Access free, accurate year-ahead weather forecasts in hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly formats for 6.4 million locations across the globe at www.weathertrends360.com.  Or download the app wt360 Pro from iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire.  In addition, look for weathertrends360 year-ahead forecasting content on major media outlets throughout the country including FOX, Travel Channel, Pollen.com, and many more to coming soon.