What We Do

At WTI we help our clients reduce expenses and increase revenue by providing actionable information that results in a significant ROI. Some of our specific products and services include:

  • Actionable consumer insights which are derived from the 11-month out forecast which dramatically enhance seasonal product strategic planning which results in a significant ROI.
  • Weather Versus Sales Analysis of Seasonal Product Data resulting in an understanding of weather’s influence on sales.
  • Demand Planners created from the analysis to reflect the percent increase/decrease for the upcoming season compared to last year
  • Promotional Marketing/Advertising Planners which reflect the most favorable time periods/geographies to promote.
  • Product weather sales triggers by retail store to identify when sales will ramp up, peak and taper off to adjust sales forecasts.
  • Risks and Opportunities weather presents to sales identified by specific geographies.
  • Company wide access to wt360business.com, WTI’s web tool with robust analytical drill down functionality. Geographies within wt360business are granular (forecast to 42,000 zip codes in US) and can be customized to clients preferred geography (store/DC) etc.
  • Global forecasts for 6.4 million locations in all 195 countries and islands, a forecast Weather Trends issued one year ago is more accurate than every other weather company’s 5-14 day forecast.

For more information view our corporate brochures:

WTI Corporate Overview WTI Weather Optimized Advertising