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Weather Trends International’s award-winning forecasting technology provides its clients with a year-ahead weather forecast, along with store specific product strategy recommendations to monetize the year on year changes in weather.   Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and many of their Suppliers trust Weather Trends International for weather intelligence that can help them reduce out of stocks, drive incremental sales gains, and increase the effectiveness of their advertising spend.  With 6.4 million forecast locations in 195 countries around the globe, Weather Trends International is The Global Leader in Long Range Business Weather.

Weather is rarely the same from year to year. In fact, there is only a 20% chance that the weather will repeat itself from year to year in a given demographic region. For companies that sell weather sensitive products this creates significant marketing, planning and distribution challenges. Why leave this up to chance? Take the guess work out of your business with user-friendly products and services related to WTI’s year-ahead forecast.  Services we offer retailers and suppliers include:

  • Sales & Weather Correlations by Zip Code, Region, or Retailer Geography
  • Year-Ahead, Weather-Driven Consumer Demand Estimates by Retailer Geographies for Your Specific Category or Categories
  • Year-Ahead Season Timing (Surge, Peak, End)
  • Product Trigger Temperatures (Surge, Peak, End) by Retailer Geography, Region or City
  • Product Weather Sensitivity Clustering Analysis / Weather Sensitivity Cross Correlation Analyses
  • The Profit of 1 Degree Temperature Change on Product Sales
  • Year-Ahead Product Sales & Marketing Forecasts organized by Retailer-Specified Geography.
  • Year-Ahead Advertising Schedules Optimized for Ideal Weather organized by Zip Code, Region or Retailer-Specific Geography
  • Customized Alerts Based on a Product’s Power of 1 Degree F Temperature Change

A historical review of weather’s influence on retail sales.
Available for any country, any timeframe, and any product category.

*The Weather Analysis can either be a customized report (using POS data) or sydicated (using industry data) and is delivered to the client, either via email or as an optional business (on-site) presentation.

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