Marketing & Advertising Planner

A customized tool to help category managers, marketing executives,
and sales executives, better manage relationships with their retail partners.

  • Identifies the best marketing periods based on a historical analysis (or syndicated data).
  • Custom breakouts can be done by retailer partner’s regions, DC’s, or zones.
  • Popular standard breakouts include – Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, and other major retailers.
  • Understand the “forecasted” influence of weather on your marketing calendar
  • Tool can be used by suppliers to better plan category sets, end-cap displays, FSI’s, and promo’s.

*The Seasonal Marketing Planner can either be a customized report (using POS data) or syndicated (using industry data) and is delivered to the client, either via email or as an optional business (on-site) presentation.

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