API Services

The Most Robust Global Weather API Available

The weathertrends360 global weather API is a subscription offering created by Weather Trends International specifically to provide developers with access to an easy to use, reliable, weather data feed that they can use to power commercial applications across a variety of technology platforms.

  • Short-range daily global forecasts (Current conditions – day 15) variables: prevailing weather conditions (e.g. sunny, light rain, etc.), max temp, min temp, average temp, wind chill, heat index, precipitation amount (rain or snow), relative humidity, wind speed/direction and max gust, UV index, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon illumination, moon phase, cloud cover.
  • Short-range hourly global forecasts (Current conditions – day 7) variables: prevailing weather conditions, average temp, precipitation amount, snow amount, relative humidity, wind speed/direction and max gust, sky cover (amount), pressure.
  • Long-range daily global forecasts (days 15 – 360) variables: max temp, min temp, average temp, precipitation amount (Year-ahead forecast is independently audited at 80%+ accuracy).
  • Global, historical daily data (going back as far as late 1800’s) max temp, min temp, average temp, precipitation amount, snow amount, dew point, pressure, visibility, max wind gust, wind speed, max wind speed, snow depth, occurrence of fog, occurrence of hail, occurrence of thunderstorm, occurrence of tornado.
  • Complete, gridded global coverage We have historical data even where there are no observing or reporting stations.
  • Data may be accessed in either XML or JSON format